Among 130.000 entries of 140 countries in 2020, the International Photography Awards is one of the most prestigious photography contests worldwide. 3 entries of mine won 3 prizes:
1. Honorable Mention in Fine Arts: Minimalism 1: Ten Songs
2. Honorable Mention in Fine Arts: Minimalism 2: Hunger
3. Honorable Mention in Fine Arts: Collage: Digestion
Search IVAN OSPINA images in Professional Category ("Pro")  here: 
Among 5.499 entries of 150 countries in 2021, TED Countdown,and Climate Outreach chose my photograph "From Death They Plant" as  one of the winners of Climate Resiliance category, 100 pictures were exhibited in TED Countdown, an event with a reach of 5 million people that preceded the COP 26 in Glasgow in 2021, the official meeting of the UNITED NATIONS against climate change, this photography exhibition was featured there and seen by personalities like Sir David Attenbourgh, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the UK), Joe Biden (President of the United States) and other 100 world leaders from Asia and the European Union.
4. 100 images against climate change: here:
The Guardian published one of my photographs as part of its article "Enduring and surviving the climate crisis" as  part of this photoessay of environmental initiatives. 
5. Photoessay selection: "Enduring and surviving the climate crisis": here: 
As part of COP 26, the international summit of the UNITED NATIONS against climate change held in 2021, my photograph is part of the selection for the Google Arts and Culture Museum, a virtual version of the physical exhibition held there to represent the worldwide struggle against climate change
6. UNITED NATIONS COP 26, Google Arts and Culture museum : here: 
7. Official selection International Photography Awards One Shot COLOR 2022, a worldwide contest about colorful photographs in more than 120 countries: here: 
8. Official selection of Experimental photography in the Fine Arts Photography Awards (Individual) and (Series) here and here
One Shot Color - Abstract c8ategory. "Ivan Ospina - Color Spill"